Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Day1 The best laid plans.....

OOH is it Broke ?Posted by henry Sat, June 22, 2013 15:19:14

So my plans started rather sooner than Zebbs, with a trip to the magical Simmer Dim Rally on the Shetland Islands

Of course history has shown that is just an excuse for things to go FUBAR earlier on in the proceedings.

With the bike loaded differently, different tyres, and me sporting ever more exotic injuries. I decided the trip up would be a solo affair allieviating myself of any pressure to keep pace with the others. Well the handling was "interesting" and kept my speed low enough so going cross country wasn't really impacting on my ETA. It was to be fair a great ride with plans already afoot to reign in my wayward handling. The trip highlight on Day 1 the A68 from Newcastle to Edinburgh- up and downy, roundy roundy, as the man said.

By the time i got to the rendevous in Perth everyone was there- even Greeb and Vince, who once again broke down on the Boss Hoss. A quiet night for me as the ride had exhausted me

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