Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Leaving England

OOH is it Broke ?Posted by henry Sun, June 30, 2013 19:29:07

So then, there I was in the Shetlands with a poorly bike and a battery on charge for god knows how long. Best have a beer as I cannot get out with the boys and sightsee. Turned out to be a great rally and Hippy Dave managed to escape with only two suspected broken ribs (I was playing, lol. Hope to God I never dislike you Hippy J ). People will have already reported on the carnage that was the Simmer Dim so I’ll stay with with my errant Tenere. Susie brought my battery back the morning of departure so I decided to strike for home and not seek help in Aberdeen- thanks anyway Bubbles- and it nearly paid off, I got to Bootle before requesting the RAC to finish my journey. The plan was for me to start stripping the two XT’s and and swopping alternaters, but the journey had me nearly hallucinating with tiredness so it was wine, bath, bed.

Early next morning Zebb arrived and we hit both bikes with Gusto- I suggested allen keys but Zebb is an electrician and wouldn’t hear of it. A combined effort employing my surgeon like mechanical fitting skills rescuing the gasket off the bikes and Zebbs electrical skills saw the XT live again.

The morning of departure…….

Bike packed an uber calm affair unlike me normally running around like a headless chicken and off to Zebbs for an escorted departure care of Tommo. Whilst there I remembered my towel hanging on the line so went back for it when the XT threw another wobbler leaking petrol everywhere. Feck everything we just went, the trip through Liverpool being a complete pain in the arse, but eventually it cleared and has kept away since.