Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

On to Denmark

OOH is it Broke ?Posted by henry Sun, June 30, 2013 19:31:27

On to Denmark,

What can you say about a boring, damp, slow ride that will put a smile on someones face? Denmark is, erm, well, Denmark I suppose. Beautiful in places, but damp and overcast all day, the best we can say is Fjord campsite is in a beautiful location and the weather had at least perked up slightly for us to pitch our tents in the dry- the standout moment of a long boring day. Being the longest day there were mini festivals everywhere, where people built bonfires to symbolise the burning of witches on this holy day. Always sponges for a bit of local culture, me and Zebb were in the (empty) pub, having a few beers. Back to the camp and sleep.

Next morning saw the weather holding back till we had packed the tents after a mixed night of squalls and high winds. I really will have to find some Milk of Magnesia. On we went though and easily hit our target of Hirtshals, our departure point for Iceland.

For a ferry town it was very nice. Quite quaint and with a bit of personality. We booked into a room, sorted out a bike shop and ordered a set of road tyres for my return from Iceland as well as a few emergency nuts and bolts, fuses, washers, etc. Off to a bar for happy hour (16.00 to 19.00) and tuborg at 1.20quid a bottle- result!! I left there speaking quite fluent Danish- to my ear any way- straight to the pizza shop (good pizza, just beer goggles size ordered).