Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Do you come here Hofn?

OOH is it Broke ?Posted by henry Thu, July 11, 2013 22:19:43

So with Martin having arrived from the West and him being on a tighter schedule we decide to ride back the way we had come- at 90 kph.

Dum de dum. Barren post volcanic eruption plain- done that.

Dum de dum. Spectacular mountains and sea vistas- done that.

Dum de dum. Jokulsarlon- wow, hypnotising- and cake! Woohoo!

Post "bergs" we put our heads down and ploughed the klicks in, In all fairness the veiws were spectacular and for the most part the weather loads better.

Arriving once again in Hofn, we got the tents up while Martin booked in.

Peter the receptionist (a past resident of chester as it turned out) looked a mite bemused until we explained about our 3rd intrepid explorer. Pleased to see us, he extended the gift of paid internet access which was really good of him. So with wine in hand it was onto the net and FB.