Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

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OOH is it Broke ?Posted by henry Mon, June 24, 2013 20:02:42

With an arse resembling a blood orange (hey come on it is a few years since i've done miles on this bike). It was an uneventful ride up to Aberdeen were we all got the bikes on the boat before a few beers at the Quarter Deck.

Ferry, yeah yeah, boring, beer, crap sleep, great smoooooth crossing though.

Woo hoo, Shetland! Planning to visit the coop for brekkie, everyone was invited to Steve Henrys (and the lovely Mrs H of course). Apparently it happens every year and is a great start to a great weekend. Thank you both very much smiley.

With lots planned for the weekend a group ventured out on the first trip- to Twatt. The fun begins when my bike stalls and will not turn over. Bumpstarting it i go back to the campsite and hit the ale.

When Rod has a chance he gives the bike the once over- FUBAR. Battery very dead two circuits of my alty dead. Thats my travelling over- with my Iceland trip only days away.

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