Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Routa Uno

OOH is it Broke ?Posted by henry Sun, June 30, 2013 19:39:33

28062013 Routa Uno

We got to pack up the tents in the dry- just- so I was speaking to Zebb again. Todays’ target was Jokulsarlon, a mere hop, skip and jump away.

I’m not being mean when I don’t go into detail of the ride and scenery, but in the end superlatives lose their impact. Every bend in the road presented another magnificent, unbelievable vista. With the Gopros running flat out, hopefully one day you will all be let into the secret that is ours at present.


I was hypnotised. The majesty, the beauty, the poetry of competing forces of nature vying for dominance. With the iceberg nursery one side of the road and the North Atlantic on the other, welcome to Motolocos’ first wild camp. WE camped on the Atlantic side of the road, and as is our modus operandi we leave no impact on the local environment upon our departure.

The place is magical and most probably the most beautiful place I have visited. The glacial melt trying to exit the lagoon and the incoming tide, capture the escaping icebergs and herd them into the shore of the lagoon where they spin languorously until one or the other gains dominance- the turning tide deciding the winner. The “bergs” bob down the channel to the waiting North Atlantic, where they are mercilessly beaten to death.

Stay tuned to Motoloco Celebrities on Ice (bergs) in the Desert.

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Posted by Gebhard Wed, July 03, 2013 19:24:06

Road 26 is already open, nice ride. Harald + Gebhard

Posted by Jules Mon, July 01, 2013 09:16:19

Blimey Henry - that blog reads like a novel! Did you copy the text from a local tourist leaflet? Haha. Sounds amazing :o) xx