Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Motolocos Viktorious Meetup

OOH is it Broke ?Posted by henry Thu, July 11, 2013 21:37:28

We were due to meet Martin- member number 3 of our intrepid duo- in Vik at the campsite sometime in the evening, so andiamo!

The ride sent us across the flood plain of an under glacieal (is that a real word, lol) volcanic eruption in '96 which resulted in millions of gallons of water being released to the sea. Unfortunately my piccies of the resultant devastation i wiped acidentally so you can go look in Zebbs gallery.

Not a bad ride all in all and we halted our bikes at the entrance to the campsite. The two elements started travelling a week apart, coming to Vik from opposite ends of the island and pull up within a minute of each other. How is that for (pure luck) organisation :-) We are being asked to launch a rover to Mars in the near future.

Martin being the executive branch of Motoloco pursuaded us to hang up our Bear Grills adventure trousers for the night so we all book in the hotel. It was great crack, catching up with a lifelong friend and (not that i had any doubts at all) the 3 of us just gelling.

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