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travelPosted by zebb Thu, July 14, 2011 18:26:47

ANNIA`S LOVERLY COUNTRY ,i will catch up on all the blogs when i am not so effin knackered ,,,,,,,, ALL ROADS NOW LEAD TO BERLIN THEN HOME

Sorry Annia only here 2 days this time, just enough time for H`s bike to finaly finish off all his sprockets and chain , and blow his rear shock , just limping into Berlin now

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Ania Thu, August 18, 2011 23:50:14

Hi Martin, 2 days its better than nothing anyway. I was so happy when I watched yours pictures from Poland. I seen you visited Wroclaw. Its beautiful city with great atmosphere, I was there one month ago visited my friends and I wish to back there maybe in December. Next time if you will have a chance go to visit my city, Bydgoszcz:)
I'm so glad you have had great time. I like all yours pictures, looks like you had a fantasic trip.

Take care xxx