Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Kjolur Route

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Wed, July 10, 2013 21:57:27

Kjolur route

We had to hang around at the rally site till 3 pm till the cops turned up to breathalyser us as we had been drinking moonshine till 5am ,,, got the all clear so off we jolly well popped , the track was only 3 clicks down the road and it hadn’t started to pissdown yet (but it wouldn’t be long ) ,

I always doubt my off road ability, but with Tiff Coates words ringing in my ears “if you’ve rode Tajikistan you can ride anywhere in the word zebb “hum thinks I as I ring the throttles neck, within 15 mins I power sliding through the bends with a full tank (32lts) and full luggage GREAT ,, over the next 4 hours we encountered every type of off road terrain you could ever ride on, OH and it pissed down for 3 of them so we never saw the big volcanoes, popped out the other end by a big waterfall totally wet and very miserable, then found a b&b to stay and dry out in