Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Today I met an Angel

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Mon, July 15, 2013 17:20:50

Being prity much an illiterate bugger and wanting to write something that reflected not only Des`a but also my mother, she did the same job for the same reason's so this was always going to be difficult, it was compounded by the fact that my mother died young, and left me with a shit load of unanswered questions most of which Des`a was able to shed light on, so I was finally able to put a 35 year old ghost to rest , This is how I see the pair of them

Today I met an Angel

Des`a works with the street people. today is a free day and she is showing me round Her city , its not long before I realize that I am not with an ordinary person, even on her day off she is approached by the homeless and she shows them care and friendship

When I question her and asked her if this pissed her off, she looks at me inquisitively and then says “Why would it! They Are My People “ I feel ashamed, I have forgotten that I new Fear, that I new Hunger and Cold, but most of all I had forgotten that once an Angel walked into Hell pulled me out and built me a new life.

Des`a like all her kind does not know she is an Angel, Her Halo is not worn round her head like in some silly Bible picture, the light is inside and when her eyes fall upon a distressed soul it shouts with joy.

Des`a knows the street people cannot be cured or taken from the hell they live in, so she tries to make each day a little easier for them and offers them friendship and kindness.

The physical and emotional scars show on Des`a, but she is ready to start back at work after yet another attack on her person; this woman has the heart of a Lion. I left a bit of my soul with Des`a in an attempt to make her stronger, but Angels can be sneaky creatures, when I checked myself she had placed a bit of Angel in me to fill the gap.

I am not sure if there is anything I can do to help Des`a in her task but I do know this, When these Angels are hurt it is OUR turn to heal them, When they are broken as they surely must be, it is up to us to take them under OUR wings and cherish them, For they are Few.

I am very proud to call Des`a my Friend,

It is beyond words for me to say what I feel,,, Because Today


Zebb 2013 Reykjavik