Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Fucked up ride

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Tue, August 06, 2013 09:45:19

Fucked up ride

Defiantly should not have been riding this morning!

Thing went ok to Berlin missed all the early rush hour traffic witch was my intention

But then the sat nav went tits up as did I! Between stops to read the map and chucking up (can’t think why!) I ended up going back up north so spent a shit load of time pissing about trying to sort everthing out including my head ,

Anyway rocked up in Goor about 12.30 straight through the centres one way system, the wrong way! But they are used to me doing THAT and didn’t bat an eye as I pulled up at the coffee bar DESPERATE for caffeine, I was only there 10 minutes at the most when Eggies spotted my bike on his way home (I was staying with him and Dino) and joined me, Guess what the minute I stopped the first rain drops hit the pavement.

Next few days were spent catching up with old friends in Holland, Eggies, Dino, Herman, Rineke and Thera, lots of texts off people who were away on holiday and could not be there, I DO LUV YOU ALL!!

A few trips out, one of which is to the city of Munster in Germany a really nice place to visit if you’re out that way,

Eggies house has become Motoloco`s rescue centre, between Him and Herman there is nothing that cannot be fixed, it is the only Place that I can truly relax when I am on a trip.

Dino came back from France and fussed me to death, GREAT.

So Tuesday came round real fast and it’s of to Rotterdam for the boat