Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Journey to the Center of the Earth

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Sat, June 29, 2013 19:35:52

We were tucked up nice in our cabin when the cry went up LAND HOO all the explorers jumped up and ran to the front of the boat to get the first glimpse of the mysterious island, so much so the ship nearly went POINTY end DOWN

I wanted to be Arnie Saknussen but Henry insisted I was Gertrude the DUCK!

ICELAND the clue was in the name, snow nearly down to the beach! Stunning scenery everywhere so much so that youthful exuberance overcame age and achy joints, and for the first day were rode to far and to long and ended up riding into the rain, so first night WET camp.

Ah but the next day bright sunshine, it took us about 3 hours to ride 100 clicks just because we kept stopping to take pictures .we got to the Icebergs nursery about midday and it was so stunning we have wild camped on the beach ,,,, I am now an official member of the Iceberg Surfing Club !

We got word from martin who is to join us tomorrow he is on the other side of the Island that has done nothing but piss down on him since he landed 3 days ago (hope he doesn’t bring his weather with him) I am looking out my tent door roaring blue surf one side, mountains and icebergs on the other FANTASTIC