Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Back to Hofn

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Mon, July 08, 2013 20:57:18

Back to Hofn`

As martin was doing the Island anti clockwise and we were going to do it the” other way round” (there could be a trip in that pun) after a bit of discussion between Henry and myself we decided that it was unfair on martin if we didn’t ride his way as he only had a week so it was turn round and head back to the iceberg nursery and then to our first campsite at Hofn`.

Good ride Bad bad winds oover the delta again,

The campsite is run by a guy from Chester how weird is that!, anyway dry camp lots of wine and a got to practice my Russian again as a truck full of Muscovites’ turned up

Next day juicing up when a girl bike club turned up, the usual banter and info swapped and we were all going to end up at the bike rally at the weekend

Back to Ferry Town

Back along the same route for awhile then on a dirt track over a mountain pass good fun but weather is still very cold, ended up in what we thought was a shit camp but turned out ok in the end (partly due to martin inviting us to a meal in his hotel) we offered to treat him to a Boil in the bag meal in return but he politely declined by saying “You can Fuck Off “as he helped himself to another piece of Salmon (cannot understand why)