Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Holland and beyond

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Sat, June 22, 2013 15:36:14

Straight of the boat with very little fuss ,and into a beautiful morning ride to Marjo`s house for coffee and fussing GREAT! Andre popped in for a quick hello and goodbye ,he was off on the piss at 10 am (better man than me ), we sorted our route for Hamburg so off

we popped, then just as we got into Germany all hell broke loose with the weather, thunder storms and flooding of Noah`s proportions, but Motoloco`s luck was with us again as we spotted a nice shelter just as the first of the giant rain drops hit the pavement, so we sheltered for an hour or so ,,,, go bored after that so donning the wet gear we went to find the campsite ,,, found OK tents up in the dry and off for beer and pretzels

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