Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice


WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Tue, July 16, 2013 08:25:06


Well we finally gave up waiting for good weather in the interior and decided to head south and east, guess what! the sun came out , had a magnificent ride in the morning found a track that lead up to the top of the headland at Vik (yes we are back there again ) great view and a scary little track. After that off across the delta for the third time, no wind this time just sun, we are officially in our own personal heat wave it reached 14c at one point so we are sweating . found a very busy track to an ice flow so it was off for pic`s again.

Next stop iceberg nursery (again) and a stop for coffee and sticky buns (ye ha)

OOHHH THEN IT ALLL WHENT TITS UP actually it was wheels up,

H got a huge tank slapper lost it and ended plunging down an 8 ft embankment looks like the right hand pannier frame broke away and that's what caused it.

Meanwhile I was happily 5 minutes in front of him when I though, I know stop and take a pic, next 4x4 stopped and told me H had lost it but was ok (I thought the fucker lost it years ago but ha what do I know) on arrival I see Henry standing up so in true Adventure style I ignore him get the camera out and take the pic`s

While we waited for the ambulance the tools came out and I started to strip the bent shit off the front of the bike to see if it could be made ridable, after all we are Motoloco AND WE CAN FIX ANYTHING! (I hope) 30 mins later front is pulled straight and bike is running I can sort the back end tomorrow, so Henry is carted off for yet another Arse transplant! And I am left as Billy no mates waiting for the pickup truck,,,,,, it’s a very nice evening though and my arse isn’t aching

(Ooooh but my arm is,,,, hadn’t noticed the acid burns on my arm till now)

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Jules Tue, July 16, 2013 10:45:03

Ouch! :o( Not the scenic pictures I was expecting to see on this site as I have seen it before, maybe not that colour (oh actually....... !!) He doesnt do things by halves but just glad to know that all is well (ish) and that he is ok to carry on to the Faroes. Hope your arm is ok Zebb.