Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Faeroe Islands

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Sat, July 20, 2013 10:58:37

Faeroe Islands

HELP I am trapped here till Sunday night

We were off the boat by 3.30am and decided to ride to the northern islands to see the sun rise ,,Yes I did say sun rise it went dark last night ,I don’t like it ! I had got used to it being permanent day light, you only slept when you needed it and I always felt full of energy,

Thick fog to start the journey to the north but that cleared to a bright morning, the north island was quite nice, there were also 2 tunnels you had to drive through that were so small and narrow you felt you were riding down in a mine.

After much pissing about looking for none existent camp sites we ended up back at Torshavn were the campsite was full of every biker we new from the boat , they had pretty much had the same experience looking for campsites marked on the map that don’t exist .

Just hanging about now! bored trying to think of somewhere to go

Got fed up just hanging so trundled of to the Western islands Guess what FOG
so trundled to the south west of Torshavn nice FOG
trundled back to Torshavn guess what !!!!!SUNSHINE !!!

found the chippy and had great fish and chips Hurray

Fill in only if you are not real

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