Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Boat to the Rescue

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Sun, July 28, 2013 09:37:01

Boat to the Rescue

We never actually got on the boat back to Denmark till after midnight ,so it was straight to the cabin to crash out , hunger finally woke us up so off for sticky buns in the boats café,

The next day went far to fast on the boat just gelling out with people we had met, taking pic`s of each other and swapping websites, H`s arse was starting to heal, but his ankle was getting far worse so the decisions has been made we get him on another boat straight back to the uk, But first he has to ride halfway down Denmark to the ferry port there.

We ended up hanging round on the Boat an extra hour waiting to disembark as there was another ferry boat pissing about , this was time we badly needed as we Had to get Henry to his boat by 4.30pm ,

Thanks to all the people for offers of help and places to stay

Oh and it was nice and sunny and I have changed my mind about Denmark

The ride to the Ferry was ok, H had the extra energy that the thought of the final boat home always brings and we actually got him there for 4.45pm.

The usual goody byes and quick set of the satnav and I was off to Hamburg for the night ,(a 700 + click day was taking it`s toll)

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