Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Off To Poland

WERE OFF !Posted by zebb Sun, July 28, 2013 09:42:30

Off To Poland

Fucked up on my timing today, I thought it was Tuesday all day it was only in the evening I found out it was Wednesday, and I was due in the Netherlands by Friday

Not a problem except i was heading into Poland OOPPSS!

I had pissed away the morning doing the Tourist thing in Hamburg, with a bus map of Reykjavik in my pocket it got very confusing at one point on the metro

Rocked up to Anias and Yarlas late Thursday morning, after a problem with the bike going klangety Klang, bankity bang, Brokety broke Stoppity stop BUT we are Motoloco and soon had it away again. The reception was great it varied between big hugs and kisses to getting berated for not calling into there’s every time I was in Poland ,, I DO LUV THESE TWO NUT CASES (I also think Anias belongs in a secure unit) ,, Too protect US ! I rang Victor, we had met the first time I was in Poland and had stayed in touch, he said he would bring the Beer and asked were I was staying, so I told I was at Anias, “WHAT are you MAD! Fuck the beer! I will bring the ARMY.

Sitting in Ania's kitchen with a sore spot on my head! Yarla hit me with a big wood spoon when I said I wasn't stopping the night ,, that's been revised to an early start in the morning ,, Yarla is shocked at how much weight I have lost and is busy baking
too feed me up ,,she keeps calling me Little Scouse runt ,,(that's pretty affectionate for her ) first met these 2 lunatics when we were all working a print factory in Liverpool

Coffee with hooch this is defiantly going to get messy!!!

These are not my words ,, " I have a bun to my head,, do as they say "

We have him captive , " He will do exactly as we say or you will never see him alive again",


We are not joking this BUN IS LOADED !


I am torturing him with CAKE "WERE IS THE UNIFORM"!


I will never talk, I am BRITISH !


Arrrrhhh " OK OK I will talk "

But you will never get the HAT!

Aaaaarrrrhhh !

By 8 30pm we were all a sleep! HAMMERED!

OOOOHHHHWWWA ! Didn’t feel very well at 5.00am when I had to ride to Holland!
Still 4 paracetamol and 2 red bulls and a bag of cakes got me moving

Due to horrendous stalking incident when they were in the UK

Anias has editing and photo rites for this blog, so I dread what she will post

Fill in only if you are not real

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